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about Dave Jimenez

I have been in the finance and mortgage industry for 20 years and have held nearly every position, role, and title within that time frame. Much has changed over the course of my career but one thing has remained constant and that is the relationship you hold with your client is a sacred thing to be cherished and respected. Being a good loan advisor is more than being a good salesperson. Our duty is to educate the consumer on all aspects relating to their loan, the process, and industry as a whole.

By the time you’re done with that transaction, your client should know more about the process and the inner workings than when they started. Communication is key, but the lock is trust. I provide clients with professional advice for their home financing services.

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What We Do?

We’re making getting a mortgage easier than ever before. EMortgage capital
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Home Purchase

Find affordable rates and terms for your monthly budget when securing a home purchase loan to help you realize your goal of homeownership.

Refinance Rates

In order to better fulfill the needs of our clients, we provide a wide choice of refinancing solutions. We can help you if you want to get cash out or just get a better rate and term. What we provide is as follows Refinancing Programs:

Rate Comparisons

Look through the rate comparisons to see which specific mortgage terms are most beneficial for you.


Refinancing could save you a considerable amount of money over the life of your loan and potentially improve your overall financial outlook.

Update Your Home

Receive flexibility to update your home’s look and value.

Instant Savings

Refinance to a lower payment every month.

Use Your Equity

You've earned it. Use your investment any way you see fit.

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